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Ulises Maldonado also known as “Dj Ulises”, born in Playa Azul, Mexico.Grew up in Los Angeles since the age of 10. Developed his interest for djing since the early age of 13, inspired by his older brother who started a dj party crew in the 80s. Ulises quickly developed his djing skills and began exposing his talent at hundreds of house parties through the 80s spinning disco, oldschool, hip-hop freestyle and anything that was hot, Ulises was spinning it! One of Ulises dreams as a young dj was to ultimately spin at the clubs where the real action was.

At the age of 21, Ulises didn’t waste his time and went to an audition for a popular club named “Fantasia” in Puente Hills that quickly jump started his club career through the 90s. Ultimately landing in the hands of some of LA’s most powerful Spanish Rock promoters at the time… “5 Mosketeros”! Packing almost a decade of turntablelism under his belt, Ulises caught the world by surprise when they challenged him to spin a new format, a new genre known as Rock en Espanol. Dj Ulises is still known today by the nickname he picked up along the way… “El Padre de los Djs”. Dj Ulises became one of the first Rock en Espanol Djs to quickly rise to stardom setting the standard for mixing, some learned from him, some immitated him but no one could be like him.

Ulises was a regular guest on the first Rock en Espanol radio stations to hit Los Angeles in the mid 90s such as “Ritmo 98.3” and “Super Estrella 97.5”. Well the legend is back! Better, stronger and wiser than ever, ready to take on the unknown with Diablito’s radio project. “I’m honored to be part of Radio Toxiko, more than anything to support a friend I know and seen grow for over a decade in his love for radio and yes we are ready to change the way radio is heard for the new generation!”……Ulises.

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2 Responses to Dj Ulises

  1. samuel soto says:

    Hola dj ulises yote escuchaba en ritmo 98.3 enlas mananas con hector rosseti q padre era esa estacion ,tambien tocabas en la mirage el paraiso n club y algunos mas q bien q siges enla super estrella aunke ahi no toquen tanto rock en espanol como enla ritmo te mando saludos y adelante con el rock en espanol

  2. Dj Ulises says:

    Samuel, que chido que te acuerdes de mi en esos tiempos inolvidables. Gracias a ti y a toda la banda que siguen apoyando el Rock. Corre la voz aqui estoy con Marco Mendez y El diablito, “Radio Toxiko” es nuestra casa y tuya tambien donde el Rock suena duro! Gracias y bienvenido!

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