Dj Danni

Starting his DJ Career  back in 2000 Daniel Resillas aka ‘Dj Danni’ quickly

learned the trades and became a known Dj. Doing Corporate Events,

Wedding & Clubs. His style is very unique focus in one thing:

to please and introduce  the crowd dancing to his music to new

Versatile style of music. From Rock to Electro, from electro 80’s and so forth.

Spinning in clubs Every weekend  around Southern Cali and its surrounding cities,

DJ Danni has become  an experience Dj that brings the right elements to

Each of his Set. His latest project late 2009 establishing CLubZ Entertainment  for

people that like  music and want a club atmosphere of there own in the house party,

wedding, corporate event etc…. Danni keep the party going every week, make sure

check his music out.

Dee J Danni Facebook

Radio Toxiko Fan Page

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